Kelsey Elliott | High Roller Energy

Kelsey Elliott

Nickname: Kelso or Rekkless Annie

Sports: Professional back country Snowmobiling


Birthplace: Edmonton, Alberta

Birthdate: June 10,1992

Currently Residing: Revelstoke, B.C Canada

Inspiration: The mountain's for me is a feeling of euphoria, time stands still, nothing else matters, it’s just you and your sled, your free and on top of the world. It inspires me to get away from the world and the capability to help others and be proactive is the most amazing feeling in the world.

Current Playlist: -Cardi B -Jon James, The man - You came to party, Meter Bobb -Marshmellow


Quote: Live life to the fullest

Career History: Avalanche Instructor, professional rider and filming, guiding, and riding clinics.

Career Honors: Becoming an avalanche instructor, filming for Slednecks 19/20 and Thunderstruck and All In