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Taylor Stewart


Sports: watercross/jetski


Birthplace: Greenville, South Carolina USA

Birthdate: March, 1993

Currently Residing:

Inspiration: My inspiration is the fear of failing, I always aspire to be one step above my best. I am a farm-raised businessman. In high school, bull riding was my sport. After 8 years of riding, I decided to retire and start a landscaping company. August of 2018, I started racing stand-up-jetskis, wining the Pro Watercross Novice World title that year. When I'm not out on the water, I'm racing mountain bikes or working with one of my dogs.

Current Playlist: "The Git Up" by Blanco Brown is my jam. I listen to Reggae and Hip-Hop.



Career History:

Career Honors: Pro Watercross Novice World Title 2018