Kameron Barboa | High Roller Energy

Kameron Barboa

Nickname: Enrique

Sports: Motocross Racing


Birthplace: Albuquerque, NM

Birthdate: June 5, 1998

Currently Residing: Bosque Farms, NM

Inspiration: I grew up watching and idolizing riders like James Stewart, Ricky Carmichael, Travis Pastrana, Chad Reed, and others. My dream was to line up on the gate against professional riders like these in front of sold-out stadiums. From a young age I started chasing a passion I strongly believed and have started a professional career in the sport I always dreamed to make it in.

Current Playlist: Anything country or an MX Unleashed soundtrack


Quote: “Life's not about how hard of a hit you can give... it's about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward.”

Career History: I have been riding and racing since I was 5 years old. I had a 5-year hiatus from age 8-13 before I fully pursued racing. I have been racing professionally for a couple of years, but 2020 is my rookie season in Supercross.

Career Honors: A 5-time competitor at Loretta Lynn's Amateur All-Star Class at Monster Energy Cup 2- time AMA national champion AMA pro motocross and supercross licensee