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Jason Conn

Nickname: Conn

Sports: Sprint Car


Birthplace: Prince George B.C Canada


Currently Residing: Prince George B.C Canada

Inspiration: Jason Conn is a 33-year-old from Prince George British Columbia Canada. Jason has had an ongoing passion for Motorsports his whole life. He started racing karts at the age of 8. He has Won many championships Including karting and sprint cars. Jason moved to Vancouver in 2003 to work in Race for Italian motors. He took a break from racing in 2007 to start his business, Starting again in 2016 with King of the wing national series.

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Career History: 1995-started racing rookie of the year 1996- JR 2 Champion 1997-JR 2 Champion 2000-BC Champion, C.I.K.S Champion, Canadian champion 2001-Stars of Tomorrow 2nd place points, B.C Shifter Kart Champion 2002-SKUSA Tour North America 2003-SkUSA Tour 3rd at Las Vegas Super Nationals 2005-Tri City Sprint Car Champion 2006-Tri City Sprint Car Champion 2013-legends shootout winner 2016- King of wing rookie of year 3rd in points -Won King of the Wing at Winchester- King of the Wing Mid West Champion 2017-KOW 2nd points Won at Colorado National Speedway Central tour champion 2018- 5th National Points

Career Honors: Numerous track records in Canada and the United States