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Chris Coosemans

Nickname: Coose Daddy, Coosey

Sports: Freestyle Sledding


Birthplace: Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada

Birthdate: August 18th, 1998

Currently Residing: Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada

Inspiration: Plain and simple love of the sport and following my dreams. Been riding Snowmobiles since I was 3 years old and watched my first freestyle show when I was 12, Brett Turcotte and Heath Frisby doing flips and tricks in my hometown and that's what sparked my interest in freestyle, after that, I started hitting ramps when I was 14. Huge Evel Knievel fan as well.

Current Playlist: I don't really have a taste, but Motley Crue and Gordon Lightfoot are some go-to’s


Quote: Tattoo’d on my arm, from the OG that will never be replaced: I fly through the air, live in the sunlight and enjoy life as much as I possibly can. -Evel Knievel

Career History: Ramps starting at 14, first injury at 17 (5 vertebrae fractures, 6 spots chipped/fractured in each ankle), first attempted flip into a pit at 18 successful, sponsors slowly rolling in at 19 and first flip to a landing at 20.

Career Honors: Sponsors, friends, and family are a big part of it, but huge cheers to Nik Itzke (Shittynik) for everything he’s helped me with from riding tips to sled and ramp setup help. Kyle Demelo for the best place on the planet to train. Kyle Warman for help building my first ramp and being an all around rad dude always pushing me. Ian Lechelt at Lakeside Marine and Offroad for being my mechanic since I was a kid and always prioritizing me unnecessarily to have me riding. All the athletes I've met and have helped me with anything also make a big difference.